Monthly Archives: June 2011

Thinking of H+C

Presently, I am out of ideas (like always) but I do not want to succumb to idea oblivion yet. I have to write something about Honey and Clover, otherwise the thought will be lost in my mind’s eternal abyss of nothingness.

All my life (since I’ve watched Honey and Clover , that is) I have been gushing how much of a genius it is. I watched three episodes of it earlier today and I still could not help but feel its strong emotions all over again. No matter how many times I watch it, I would still cry over episodes like 6 and 13 (to name a few). It’s just that good. I guess one of the reasons I like it so much is because anybody could identify with at least one of the characters, if not, one can find himself be struck by a character’s situation or aphorism. It is just too damn realistic that when a character says something (topped off with a piano version of Waltz playing in the background), you cannot help but choke back tears.

Okay, I seriously want to continue this but my act of fetching my nail cutter seemed to have broken my concentration, thus breaking the thread of swirling thoughts that were floating in my head a while ago.


Random Insight

When I was in my Literature class earlier, our professor, in his usual soft spoken and seemingly-incapable-of-breaking anything manner, mentioned that one of the reasons why literature needs to be studied is because it helps us to stay human. I laughed audible enough to myself when I heard this.

Let’s say you’re someone who thinks that your insights in life are not that similar to a normal person; then you come across a book authored by someone whom you deem light years away from you, but you also come to realize that his perceptions on some things are not that far from yours, heck could even be identical. It’s when you think that you have flown far away from society and someone suddenly cuts the string which catapults you back to the real world.

Forgive me if this post is once again irrelevant to anime. I am currently watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya but it does not appeal much to me.

Back to anime

I am a self-confessed pessimist. Whenever I get a hold of a new anime, I would assume it would be the worst I would ever see, and then it eventually would bloom to good story which I would ceaselessly follow. I guess I have imbibed this attitude so I could brace myself for the worse outcome. It is actually a nice sensation to heave a sigh of relief once your expectations are proved wrong (in certain cases, at least :p).

This has once again happened to me when I finally watched Occult Academy. I have postponed watching this (choosing to watch light shoujo anime to avoid deep thinking) since reading its synopsis reminded me of a not so pleasant thought. Yet, once I watched it, my doubtfulness washed away and I found myself totally entertained by the show. I realized that I have rekindled a childhood fantasy that I was not able to fully satisfy during my childhood.

This may not mean much but I saw that amid the paranormal happenings, they still had something human to say.