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Castle in the air

I’ve read Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women in three different stages of my life: first when I was as young and frivolous as twelve-year-old Amy, second when I was as restless as fifteen-year-old Jo, and third when I felt like I’ve outgrown my frivolity and restlessness. One thing, however, remains the same: I’m still frustrated that Jo and Laurie didn’t end up together.

It’s a pleasure to witness the friendship between Jo and Laurie so the romantic in me wanted nothing more than to see them together happily ever after, however it’s the same romantic who failed to understand the outcome which was Jo and Prof. Bhaer (I guess my romantic ego is still immature for that). I’m thankful for these Oxford World versions because they give readers insights on every bit of detail on the novel and author; so I was able to discover that Jo sought more warmth and intimacy in a partner, something which she saw Laurie lacked. For me, it was quite rash and unfair of her because she will never know if Laurie indeed possessed those qualities unless she gave him a chance to prove it as a lover, but I guess she knew him best and was able to augur she might never see a match in him except as her dearest friend.  In almost a decade that I’ve loved Little Women, I’m quite frustrated and I still hope Jo had a change of heart.

Tell me, are you also a Jo-Laurie supporter, or do you think Bhaer suited her more? What do you think?

This novel never fails to warm my heart.

On another note, I was rather interested in the friends’ confessions of their castles in the air, and there I’ve realized I never shared mine with my intimate friends. Sure, everybody dreams of being successful but it’s too general that most of the time, people don’t even know where to begin. I, for one, surpassing my wish to have a happy and fulfilling life, have been having one castle in the air, something that built itself up as I slowly learned: I dream to ride on a steam train that would take me to a breathtaking manor where inside lies a majestic library filled with all the books I could ever read.

What about you? What is your castle in the air? 🙂