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Romantic quote #5

February is drawing to a close and I’m glad to present my fifth and last quote for the month of love. This was taken from Amy March’s letter to her mother on her engagement to Laurie. Honestly, Amy is my least liked March sister because I still feel bitter that she ended up being Mrs. Theodore Laurence — and not our dear Jo — but the way she conveyed her love for him was really selfless and genuine that I think I should give her a chance. I may be denying this but perhaps deep down, Amy might actually be my favorite March sister… Oh no, forget I said that. Jo all the way!



Romantic quote #4

This quote may not be a classic but Gaiman’s works will someday take their place, I suddenly remembered the movie where Yvaine was beaming with immense joy when she spilled her heart out to a transformed Tristan. That was cute.



Romantic quote #3

Why can’t I find other  quotes by other authors? The first two are both by Austen and this third one is still by her so it’s high time I should post something else already.  Her words are nonetheless great so I don’t think I should restrain from sharing. Besides, it’s Mr. Darcy (the one and only) who said these words so there should definitely be no qualms on posting it.


Romantic quote #2

I was going to save this for last but it melts my heart too much that I can’t hold it back any longer. This was written by Frederick Wentworth to Anne Elliot on Persuasion.


Romantic quote #1

Now that it’s the month of love, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to share some of the most romantic words I’ve come across in literature. I’m willing to dig through my classic titles to find a few of the best but for now, here’s one.


With love from Severus

It’s never too late to gush over Severus Snape’s love for Lily Potter so here I am, still very excited and pretty much charmed by one of the sweetest and sincerest professions of love in fiction.

Dumbledore: Lily… After all this time?

Snape: Always.

This breaks my heart! TT

This breaks my heart! TT


Oh, that word! Because of you, Severus, that word now means so much to many of us!