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London Below

Is The Sound and the Fury more readable than As I Lay Dying? Would reading the former put William Faulkner in my most-honored-authors list? I hope so. I want to like Faulkner so bad but I feel like I won’t be able to finish his most profound work since I haven’t even resumed on As I Lay Dying in six months!

Anyway … on to the first novel I finished for the year 2014 — Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. I’ve been a fan of Gaiman since reading American Gods (this I did about four years ago) and it was only on December last year that I got my hands on another one of his works. I won’t go on about its plot, I was never fond of giving summaries and all. I’m just here to dote on some of the characters. I initially thought Door (such a beautiful name, don’t you think? I want to nickname my child after her) was just another helpless soul cast about in the world but her ability and cunning intrigued me immensely. Her image in my head was never as distinct as Richard’s (I was honestly picturing James McAvoy all the while, more on that later), I imagined her looking like, with her short red hair and all, Leeloo from The Fifth Element wearing the animated Anya’s (Anastasia) tattered brown coat. I know it’s poorly imagined, I admit that but my imagination has not been functioning well lately.  

And Richard. Richard Mayhew. Dick. Yes, like I said, I was imagining McAvoy all the while and I was even more surprised to find that that gorgeous actor actually voiced him in the radio drama adaptation! Can’t wait to listen to that!   >.<

Croup and Vandemar were really good in sending chills down my spine, I couldn’t help but feel apprehensive every time I’m on their page. It seemed as though they couldn’t live a day without cutting off somebody’s fingers and that creeped me a lot. I imagined Croup with the Cheshire cat’s voice and Vandemar with Lurch’s (Addams Family).

The one that gripped me most was actually Islington, the way he was introduced was just so beautifully written that I didn’t assume anything evil about it. When he spoke, I heard Orlando Bloom’s voice all over but on checking out the cast of the radio drama, I died.

You can read a story to me anytime, Islington. :3

You can read a story to me anytime, Islington. :3

Okay, that wasn’t so insightful but then again, my posts were never insightful. Cheers to Neverwhere!