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I am a self-confessed pessimist. Whenever I get a hold of a new anime, I would assume it would be the worst I would ever see, and then it eventually would bloom to good story which I would ceaselessly follow. I guess I have imbibed this attitude so I could brace myself for the worse outcome. It is actually a nice sensation to heave a sigh of relief once your expectations are proved wrong (in certain cases, at least :p).

This has once again happened to me when I finally watched Occult Academy. I have postponed watching this (choosing to watch light shoujo anime to avoid deep thinking) since reading its synopsis reminded me of a not so pleasant thought. Yet, once I watched it, my doubtfulness washed away and I found myself totally entertained by the show. I realized that I have rekindled a childhood fantasy that I was not able to fully satisfy during my childhood.

This may not mean much but I saw that amid the paranormal happenings, they still had something human to say.