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What is left

Finishing The Little Paris Bookshop has left my journal with more scribbles, my mind in confusion, my heart in more pain, and my reading list with one book down. I don’t know how the universe does this, but there seems to be some kind of power when I enter the bookstore that leads me to the right book. I am suddenly reminded of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and one of its good lines:

“Perhaps there is some sort of secret homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers.”


My fellow bookworms can attest to this. Haven’t we all experienced it? Don’t we sometimes leave the bookstore with the perfect book that could provide all the answers that our surroundings refuse to divulge?

The Little Paris Bookshop did just that for me. There is one drawback, however. I shouldn’t have read it too soon. My soul is still in turmoil and reading those words only affirmed what I am going through. I may have to give it a little more time to give it its due reward. Perhaps a year (or two) and a re-read from now, the book will hold its place in one of my comfort books.

What books have brought comfort to your life, dear reader?


Crossing a bridge

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I don’t. I normally don’t. However, just recently, I found a picture of the Pont Alexandre III on the cover of a book called The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The Pont Alexandre III. Paris. Bookshop. At that time, they sounded good together, like eating strawberry gelato while taking a walk in the park on a fine summer day… So I allowed myself to judge the book by its cover and its title.

I’m glad to say that it didn’t end up a disappointment. It’s a slow read for a reader like me who likes to write down good lines. Every paragraph seemed to offer advice upon advice on life, in general. Take these, for example:

“It’s amazing how unimpressed people are by being loved when it doesn’t fit in with their plans. Love irks them so much that they change the locks or leave without warning.”

“If someone left you, you had to answer with silence. You weren’t allowed to give the person leaving anything else; you had to shut yourself off, just as the other person had closed their mind to your future together.”

“But I wanted to do what love thought right, and doesn’t it say do what is good for the other person?”

But wait. Isn’t it called The Little Paris Bookshop? Bookshop. That’s right. So why is it talking about love?

Let me tell you, dear reader, that there’s just so much love to find in a bookshop. Brokenhearted? Head to the bookstore. Disappointed? Head to the bookstore. Elated? Head to the bookstore. The only thing is, most of the bookstores from where I live are manned by people who just want to get by on something. They aren’t manned by someone like Monsieur Jean Perdu, the main character of The Little Paris Bookshop. To sum him up in one word, as described by his mother (Was it his mother? I can’t recall.), he is a TRANSPERCEIVER. Now what on earth is a transperceiver? Is there such a word?

Say you’re in the bookstore and you can’t decide what book to buy. The salesman/owner takes one good look at you, comes up to you, and offers you just the book you didn’t know you need. That’s Monsieur Perdu to you. That’s a transperceiver – a person who knows just what your heart is bursting to feel. Now wouldn’t that be nice? Doesn’t that make you want to know someone like him? Wouldn’t that save much of your time?

There is one drawback to it, however. I’ll let you and your emotions find that out for yourself.


See the lamp post from the bridge?


Romantic quote #5

February is drawing to a close and I’m glad to present my fifth and last quote for the month of love. This was taken from Amy March’s letter to her mother on her engagement to Laurie. Honestly, Amy is my least liked March sister because I still feel bitter that she ended up being Mrs. Theodore Laurence — and not our dear Jo — but the way she conveyed her love for him was really selfless and genuine that I think I should give her a chance. I may be denying this but perhaps deep down, Amy might actually be my favorite March sister… Oh no, forget I said that. Jo all the way!


Romantic quote #4

This quote may not be a classic but Gaiman’s works will someday take their place, I suddenly remembered the movie where Yvaine was beaming with immense joy when she spilled her heart out to a transformed Tristan. That was cute.



Romantic quote #3

Why can’t I find other  quotes by other authors? The first two are both by Austen and this third one is still by her so it’s high time I should post something else already.  Her words are nonetheless great so I don’t think I should restrain from sharing. Besides, it’s Mr. Darcy (the one and only) who said these words so there should definitely be no qualms on posting it.


Romantic quote #2

I was going to save this for last but it melts my heart too much that I can’t hold it back any longer. This was written by Frederick Wentworth to Anne Elliot on Persuasion.


Romantic quote #1

Now that it’s the month of love, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to share some of the most romantic words I’ve come across in literature. I’m willing to dig through my classic titles to find a few of the best but for now, here’s one.